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Base Water


Oriel Mineral Extract will transform your purified or distilled base water to a naturally balanced Mineral Water for consistent quality any place, every time, cost effective. Mineral water as your base water ingredient delivers improved efficacy and performance in all your products. 

One of the key themes in the skincare and cosmetics world that continually raises it's head is the quality of the water source in their products. Mineral water, can have a major impact on the quality of the finished product, but it is not that simple. Access to mineral water is not possible for many in our industry - Until Now.

So how do companies who do not have access to a Mineral water source compete? They work harder, with deeper science and knowledge to try to make their products the very best. So when you have achieved this level of quality with your products, what if the extra “Edge” of having a Mineral water as your base water became available? What could this do for your products?

Here at Oriel, we give you that extra Edge, When used in significantly lower dilutions, we provide a Mineral Extract that allows you to infuse and mineralize your water with a perfect balance of minerals to give your products that extra edge to deliver on a higher level of performance and functionality.  

Transform purified water to a naturally balanced mineral water. Consistent quality water, any place, every time. Natural mineral water delivers the perfect base ingredient for your skincare and cosmetics. 

The science that defends our products is now a subject of global patents and as such confidential to our clients. Contact us directly to discuss our science and what we can do for you.

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