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Three years of Research, Scientific Studies and profound outputs has proven the benefits of this multifunctional ingredient to deliver improved performance to our clients skincare, cosmetics and nutracuetical products. Our journey continues and we are now working with leading universities and scientific research centers in Ireland, UK, France and the USA continually expand the uses for a Magnesium Mineral Extract that heals and regenerates cell tissue. Come on in, take a look and give us a call. Please click on any of the Products below for more information.


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The science that defends our products is now a subject of global patents and as such confidential to our clients. Contact us directly to discuss our science and what we can do for you.

We operate to the highest Environmental, Organic and Sustainability standards and are audited annually by national and international bodies to maintain our accreditation. (Organic, Sustainable, SGS, Kosher, Halal, HSE) Our products are environmentally and ethically sound and are produced in a responsible and energy efficient manner.




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